Bomb Cyclone

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Bomb Cyclone

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Well I think the worst of it has passed through our area. It was very nasty coming back from St. Paul yesterday afternoon. Winds were over 40mph, blowing snow made for a white out conditions and the temp was -10F. This morning the winds appear to have abated leaving only the very cold temperatures. It remains -10F and it is not expected to make 0F. I gather the nastiness is heading east and south. If you are in the path, hunker down it is a nasty cold mess.
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Re: Bomb Cyclone

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It's here now. Winds are howling at gusts up to 50 mph. White out totally. Temperature is dropping rapidly. I'm not venturing out at all today,since I knew that this was coming. Been preparing for it for days. See you on the other side.
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