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Re: Monitor Issue

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Most techs wont work on tvs any more as they are difficult to diagnose without schematics and the parts many times are more expensive then just buying another new or used. I dont work on them any more, it is too frustrating.
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Re: Monitor Issue

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Sorry to hear @CaptNoize. That's always the problem with working on old junk. Sometimes the problem jumps out at you and its an easy fix, and often it is a frustrating journey into darkness. It is a bummer that so much newer tech is hard to get into and a pain to diagnose and then even if diagnosed it is all but impossible to repair.

But we also live in a age, where fixing a TV is usually more interesting and fun, than watching the foolishness that streaming services are pushing out to a working unit.

"Honey, I think the TV is broken."

"No Dear, that is just Seinfeld." :D
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Re: Monitor Issue

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The last time I fixed a TV, it was a CRT monitor. Circa 1995. Yes, ancient history in electronics. But I had schematics and scopes and parts. Now, good luck getting schematics, the parts are non existent,and the scopes are obsolete. To hell with it.... What's the point..? I quit. :roll: :roll: :x
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