Rnote: Open Source drawing app for notes/annotation

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Rnote: Open Source drawing app for notes/annotation

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Re: Rnote: Open Source drawing app for notes/annotation

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Rnote is an excellent application. It is very similar to Xournal++. I found it a bit easier to setup and configure. Rnote is very similar to MS Journal, and is a nice fit on a Surface device, or any device with a tablet and stylus interface. I use it often on the X230 and it even works ok on the IdeaCentre. It is nicer than MS Journal in that the files are simply stored as documents in a folder of your choosing. I put the folder in my NextCloud and the files are usable anywhere.

I use it mostly for pdf markup. If I find an informative website, I can save it as pdf then open it in Rnote and easily mark it up with annotations and notes. Overall I still like Xournal++ a bit better, but that might just be because I have used Xournal++ for much longer.

Rnote is available as a flatpak and I currently have it installed on Endless OS and Fedora SilverBlue and it works very well on both OSes. The application is built in Rust and GTK4, works with Gnome obviously and fits nicely in a Plasma environment as well.
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