Plasma by KDE 5.26 released

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Re: Plasma by KDE 5.26 released

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I rand Fedora KDE spin in a live session on the 2010 MBP. It worked so well that it actually scared me. Then I went to install it, and it was a total failure. While Fedora seems to have sorted all of Apple's hardware peculiarities right down to the automatic graphics switching, Fedora has not sorted out how to use Apple/Intel's original efi to install a bootable system. I first tried setting up a dual boot, no go. I then slipped in a new HD and installed using the whole new drive, but again no go. Fedora actually knows this will not work, because the final message from the installer is: "The newly installed system will not be bootable. Do you wish to continue?" Not helpful at all.

I can not figure out how a Fedora can create bootable install media and not be able to create a bootable install.
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Plasma by KDE 5.26.5 released

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January Bugfix released

I'm a bit slow posting this one, it was actually released Tuesday 1/3, but while getting ready to post it, I got distracted and forgot all about it. :D
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Re: Plasma by KDE 5.26 released

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Ill get around to it as Im on Zorin right now and may give Nobara 37 a more customized version of Fedora a look.
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