Rescuezilla 2.0 released

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Rescuezilla 2.0 released

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Re: Rescuezilla 2.0 released

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So, my biggest question would you know of an article that compared rescuezilla and clonezilla? Reading the Rescuezilla description makes it sound like "so, this is clonezilla just based on Ubuntu then?"
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Re: Rescuezilla 2.0 released

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Take a look at the screenshots. ... ezilla#top

I used Clonezilla for a number of years at work - and it still gives me the heebie-jeebies looking at those screen shots. It's not hard but have to concentrate

Then look at the lovely simple GUI on Rescuezilla and then ask yourself which you would pick if you had no prior experience.

Comparison complete.

Downloading to give it a whirl.
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