Budgie moving to Enlightenment

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Budgie moving to Enlightenment

Post by wove »

I saw a mention of Solus moving Budgie this morning and had to check it out. Here is the Solus announcement:

<https://discuss.getsol.us/d/7408-buildi ... -ecosystem>

I like Budgie and wish them well, but it seems like a monster undertaking for such a small Distro.
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Re: Budgie moving to Enlightenment

Post by tlmiller »

I want to say either XFCE or Cinnamon was at least DEBATING the same thing due to the massive loss of features in GTK4.
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Re: Budgie moving to Enlightenment

Post by crosscourt »

They mentioned in the larger article EFL, QT and iced as options. Im with wove, as this is a lot to deal with for such a small distro.
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