Sony DPT-CP!

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Sony DPT-CP!

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I have a Sony e-ink writing tablet. I am not sure when they came out, but I have had mine for 3-4 years. Like many Sony products, it is never officially discontinued but the tablets stopped being available a couple years back. Sony has quit making their entire line of e-ink tablets.

Anyway as just sort of a hoot a software update came through for the device today. I gather it fixed a bug where you could use illegal characters in the file names. It is not a problem I have experienced. In any event I thought it unusual that a software update was sent out for a product line that is no longer available or being developed.

Mac and Windows has desktop applications that sync with the tablets. Someone has developed a python package that allows for syncing with Linux. Some distros do not have all the python components needed to make it work, however Fedora 34 does come with everything needed to work out of the box. I believe that Dai-Trying gave me advice on getting the script working on the Q4OS forum.

Sony like Lenovo prints excellent take apart manuals for their products. This is a 10" tablet that is 1/4" think. When you open it up you find that the electronic components are mounted on the ribbon cables. I have never seen anything else with such construction. So while I would assume a tablet 1/4" thick would be very densely packed. In actuality once the back is popped off you are struck with the fact that most of it is empty.
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Re: Sony DPT-CP!

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Im never used or seen a tablet such as this. I read thru the info and its quite a unique device.
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