How far the lowly Celeron has come...

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How far the lowly Celeron has come...

Post by tlmiller »

So, got bored after selling my Inspiron 5485 today, and can't find a decent Jasper Lake laptop (I really wanna try Jasper Lake, supposed to be ~30% improvement from Gemini Lake at the same clocks) to buy. So I decided to see where the Celeron really sets in terms of historic processors. So did a few benchmarks myself just to get some baselines I could use to compare, and started searching.

Figured the place to start was Core 2 Duo's (only dual core, dual thread, so Celeron DOES hold some advantages in straight up raw power). Surprisingly, these weren't even close. Like, the J4125 that I have DESTROYED everything Core 2 Duo in every CPU benchmark that I could find information for. about Arrandale? Core i5-580m (VERY competitive design-wise, only dual core but had hyperthreading so just as many threads). But the Celeron still wins in very nearly every benchmark, although the 580m did win whenever something was limited to STRICTLY a single thread.

So how about core 2 quads? Figured these should DEFINITELY trounce the Celeron since they're DESKTOP chips (benchmarks on the Q9000/Q9100 rather hard to find). Chose something early in the quad range Q6600. I was rather astonished when everything I found pretty much supported that the J4125 was the superior chip. The ONLY things I could find that had the Q6600 winning were, again, STRICTLY single threaded, and the margin of victory was SMALL. Went up the Q8200, and finally had a good fight. The J4125 still managed to win a few benchmarks, but the MAJORITY of them it was losing by small margins. So a modern Celeron quad core, is ABOUT on the same level as the later Core 2 Quads, or the best of the first generation dual core (mobile) i5's!!

Color me impressed. Now I wanna try jasper Lake even more.
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Re: How far the lowly Celeron has come...

Post by crosscourt »

I was programmed from the very early days to think of Celerons as crap except in the case of overclocking. That really didnt change for quite a long time but feel the same as you now. Very impressed with the Celerons.
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