14 best places to buy Linux laptops in 2021

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14 best places to buy Linux laptops in 2021

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Re: 14 best places to buy Linux laptops in 2021

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Not a fan of Purism's products. In their quest for ultimate freedom, you lose a rather important (at least to me) amount of functionality. Their laptops are overpriced, don't include modern wireless standards (stuck on 802.11N due to requirements for utter libre), are a bit clunky, and I've heard bad things about their customer service (never used them myself, so not first hand knowledge).

RetroFreedom doesn't sell new laptops. They are all refurbed Thinkpads with the Thinkpad BIOS replaced by LIbreboot. There's actually several companies selling these. Nothing wrong with them, but they should have mentioned in their blurb that these are going to all be prior generation, refurbished devices. For someone looking for an (reasonably) inexpensive but highly reliable linux laptop, they'd actually probably be my "go-to" of the list.

I don't like Slimbook. Something about them just doesn't set right with me.
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