Hard drive benchmarks...

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Hard drive benchmarks...

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Just wanted to pop in real quick and mention I've recently found kdiskmark, essentially a linux QT clone of CrystalDiskMark. So I've been benching all my drives in all my laptops (I just really like the GUI, never been a fan of text benchmarks). Just figured if anyone is considering purchasing SSD's and happens to be considering one that I own, I'll put a link to them so you can see real-world benchmarks of them. There are 2 that have a description as the bench's are quite bad, but it's the system that's to blame (Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14), as both of these get MUCH better benchmarks in a USB 3.0 enclosure than they do in this machine. But still put them there, because why not...

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Re: Hard drive benchmarks...

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Thanks for the heads up, :)

Heres a link to the app, and its also available thru Snap.

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